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The grass or plants that grow out of place are referred to as weed. They not only offer an ugly aesthetic giving a sense of abandonment but also compete with natural grass for water, nutrients, sun, and space. Although not classified as a pest, sometimes it is necessary to reduce the amount of grass or weeds in certain areas to work or build. We have the best products for this timely task. Weed only grows because they have been allowed to grow due to a lack of care to avoid it. The best way of prevention is to give the natural lawn the attention it needs.

We at Candllawncare specialize in providing lawn weed control services for an extensive and varied range of customers. Our mission is to build and achieve green spaces according to the needs and possibilities of each client; orienting it according to our creativity, experience, and sensitivity. With our weed control services, we build and improve the garden with a high-quality design.


The first defense against weeds is to promote vigorous turf growth. When its density is high, weeds have a hard time finding space to develop, so they always thrive more in thin areas. It is imperative to fertilize, water, and mow the lawn properly to generate vigorous growth. In addition, frequent cutting is complemented by hand plucking off young plants before the development of their roots complicates this task. A complete weed control program also includes herbicides. They are fundamental agrochemicals that must be applied at precise times of the year and selected adequately so as not to damage the grass we intend to maintain.

The weeds cause severe damage to the crop, and its early detection is crucial. At Candllawncare, we plan an effective and economical weed control program to maximize profits in crop production. Our experts know that a proper technique is sampling. It allows horticultural producers to identify weed species in their plot. So the knowledge and record of the plot’s history play a vital role for the producer and the technician.

The first step to firmly attack the problem is the correct identification of the species present since each one responds differently to the management alternatives. The knowledge of its life cycle and its ability to reproduce are also essential to define the magnitude of the weed infestation. The field should be reviewed following a registration pattern according to the shape and size of the property.

Our weed control services are dedicated to the maintenance of green spaces. We adapt to your spaces to offer you the best solution. Our weed control is without chemical herbicides — Unique in the region.


Why is it essential to seek lawn weed control services? A clean and healthy lawn is the desire of every amateur or lover of green spaces and gardens. To know what to do with this problem of weeds, we assist with our weed control services. The first thing is to understand the causes and then perform some actions in an ecological way to have the desired results.

We provide valuable and adequate information and solution to our clients.

Weed Control Treatment

We spray to eliminate the weeds from the garden.
We use herbicides that act selectively without damaging the grass.
The treatment is performed on several visits. It may vary depending on the weather and external factors.
Finally, when the grass is free of weeds, our treatment ends with fertilization (phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium). We return essential nutrients to the park to improve their performance.

The treatment includes:

Weed control.
Total control with glyphosate (if necessary).
Foliar fertilization.
Unique Applications
In case you do not want to hire the complete treatment, we also make individual applications.

 Weed control Cost In Griffith IN.

We love the idea of a beautiful, healthy, and greenish courtyard, but we must not deny that it takes work to get to that point. All the watering and cutting you can do will not help if you have a weed control problem. These problems may appear in your yard, and sometimes only a professional can help you fight it. While some garden care projects are relatively easy to maintain, dealing with chemicals and weed issues can be very problematic. What happens if you use a lot of a particular chemical? You can damage your yard. Save the energy you would spend pushing a grass cutter and hire a professional weed control services company to help you with weed problems.

According to some experts, an essential element for weed control is prevention. The pre-emergency is the stage just before the weeds begin to appear on your property. We usually offer our weed control from the beginning of summer and then again in autumn (every six months) to all areas of the property (patio, flowers, cracks in the concrete, among others). Prices for weed control services can vary depending on the size of your yard, the fertilizers used, and the difficulty of removing weeds.

After leaving the military owner Calvin Pierce opened C & L Lawn Care in 2005. He started the business to provide customers professional quality work with the care and attention the customers desire.


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