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Lawn Aeration Services Near You

Aerating your lawn annually is an important part of a healthy lawn care program. Using a machine, we remove cores of soil from the turf. This reduces soil compaction and thatch so that your lawn can breathe and receive the moisture and nutrients it needs. Aeration  increasing rooting and greatly improving the lawns overall health. Aeration should be done in either the spring or fall where cooler temperatures allow for a large core to be pulled.




Your lawn will  naturally become compacted over time as it is walked on, played on and even from mowing. As your soil compacts the air spaces where roots readily grow are reduced. This also restricts the flow of water, oxygen and nutrients that your lawn needs to thrive.

Tiny Plant
Aeration Combined with Lawn Seeding

The holes created  from the aerating creates favourable conditions for  good seed-to-soil contact and higher germination rates. This allows the turf grass seedlings to grow and mature creating a dense, thicker lawn.